The immediate plan for Londua this year is to have some water bores drilled and to get the vocational curriculum together and approved by the Vanuatu National Training Council. Staff and student training levels need to be improved and records need to be kept for all students. The internet connection has stopped at the moment waiting for an aid donor to cover the connection costs. So communication is back to mobile phones.
Small wire repair
Thanks Alan for the lights and power
Thanks Steve for the shed
Old truck shed down!
New roof and walls for the boys wash rooms
New roof for construction class rooms. Thanks Epping
Tanks for hot water to bakery


Londua is receiving students for the 2011 year. With the 2nd year Mechanic, Construction and Tourism students, 1st year Mechanic, Construction, Tourism and Agriculture students and the academic students we are hoping for 170 plus students this year. We are waiting for a costing to get some water bore hole prices and to be drilled at Londua to solve the low water issue at the end of each year. There are 3 work teams going to Londua this year from Sydney. Some building work and re-roofing work to be done and all will be shipshape. Thanks to the teams from last year and the excellent work that was done.


The group

The group without our hard working dental worker.

Our hard working dental worker.